Our Food


Our Food



Snack 中式小吃:

1.素春卷 Vegetarian Spring Rolls (3)                                                                                                       $3

Cabbage, carrot, wrapped with spring roll skin and deep fried, served with sweet sour sauce

2. 水饺或锅贴Steamed/Pan fried dumplings (6)                                                                                $6

Minced pork, cabbage, ginger and garlic, wrapped in dumpling skin

3.香菜鱼茸卷Cilantro Fish rolls (6)                                                                                                        $6

Fish paste with chopped cilantro, wrapped with spring roll skin, and deep fried.

4.葱油泡饼 Scallion bubble pancake (2)                                                                                               $5

2 Scallion pancake served with yellow curry sauce

5. 四川担担面(牛)Sichuan beef dandan noodle                                                                           $7

Angel hair noodle, served with spicy Sichuan minced beef sauce

6.小笼汤包Steamed pork soup buns (6)                                                                                               $8                           

Soup buns made by ordered, the filling is minced pork and cabbage with ginger and garlic.

7.芝麻大饼 Pan fried sesame pancake                                                                                                  $9           

Pan fried thick pancake topped with sesame seeds

8.水煎香菇包 Pan fried mushroom buns (4)                                                                                      $5

Pan fried minced mushroom and veggie buns

9.砂锅牛腩面 Beef brisket noodle                                                                                                       $12

Noodle and bokchoy, with beefbrisket in dark brown beef soup

10.麻辣牛肉卷 Hot and numbing beef rolls (6)                                                                                  $7

Hot and numbing shredded beef , cabbage, Sichuan sauce wrapped with homemade pancake

11.外婆油泼面Grandma Noodle                                                                                                               $7

Fresh noodle with minced garlic, hot chili pepper powder, vinegar topped with hot oil and scallion

Soup 汤:

12 .蛋花汤,馄饨汤,酸辣汤 Egg drop soup, wonton soup, hot & sour soup                         $2                                

13. 酸菜鱼片汤Flounder fish with sour cabbage soup                                                                      $8

Fillet of flounder cooked with sour cabbage with pickled thai chili and cilantro

14. 海鲜蔬菜汤 Seafood with mixed vegetable soup                                                                         $9

Mixed seafood with mixed vegetable in clear broth.

15. 瓦罐三菌排骨汤 Pork ribs and mushroom soup                                                                          $12/20

Pork ribs with mixed mushroom cooked in pork and mushroom broth

16. 芦笋蘑菇山药羹Asparagus with mushroom &Chinese yam skilly                                          $8

Asparagus, white beach mushroom and Chinese yam in clear broth

凉拌菜Cold Appetizers

17. 凉拌鲜腐皮丝(麻辣味或香油味)Shredded tofu skin (numbing sauce/sesame sauce)         $8                           

Shredded tofu skin with hot numbing sauce/sesame sauce

18. 山椒黑木耳 Woodear Mushroom with thai chili                                                                             $8           

Woodear mushroom salad with pickled thai chili and scallion

19. 夫妻肺片Beef tendon and tripe with Sichuan sauce (peanuts)                                                $10

Thinly sliced of beef tendon and tripe mixed with Sichuan sauce topped with crushed peanut

20. 凉拌牛腱 Cold mixed beef tendon                                                                                                     $10

Thinly sliced of beef tendon with spicy sauce/ five spice sauce

热薹Hot Appetizers

21.干煸茄子 Dry fried eggplant                                                                                                         $10

Dry fried eggplant with scallion, garlic, Sichuan peppercorn.

22.麻香脆乳肉 Crispy pork belly                                                                                                       $10

Crispy pork belly meat, deep fried with scallion, cilantro and Sichuan peppercorn

23.生菜鸡松 Minced chicken lettuce wrap                                                                                      $9

Cabbage, carrot, wrapped with spring roll skin and deep fried, served with sweet sour sauce

24.棒棒虾 Sichuan Bangbang Shrimp                                                                                                 $9

Lightly battered baby shrimps, deep fried, with sweet spicy sauce

25.桂花糖排骨Fragrant & sweet pork ribs                                                                                       $10

Pork ribs marinated in sweet osmathus sauce

26.竹塔鱼 Bamboo fish                                                                                                                          $12

Deep fried fillet of flounder with Sichuan peppercorn, cilantro, garlic and cumin

27. 盐焗辣子鸡 Shan city chicken                                                                                                     $11

Diced chicken bone/boneless with chili pepper in hot chili oil

28.外婆粉蒸排骨 Grandma steamed ribs with rice flour                                                          $10                       

Steamed ribs with spiced rice flour

29.鬼椒牛柳 Beef with ghost chili                                                                                                     $10       

Stir fried beef with onion and ghost chili peppers

30.关中竹签羊 Guanzhong lamb skewer                                                                                         $10

Lamb skewer with Sichuan spice or not spicy with cumin sauce

大厨特别菜Chef Specialties

31. 石锅海鲜烩 Peter Chang’s seafood in stone pot                                                                       $20

Fish fillet, scallop, shrimp and mixed vegetable in yellow curry sauce.

32.石锅鸭 Peter Chang’s duck in stone pot                                                                                     $20           

Duck, tofu skin, scallion, mixed mushroom and Sichuan peppercorn cooked in spicy sauce

33. 新西兰羊排New Zealand Lamb Chops                                                                                       $19

Four lamb chops cooked with 3 different choice of sauce.

34.家常鱼排 House special fish fillet                                                                                                $19

Flounder fillet stir fried with cabbage, broccoli, mushroom, carrot and pickled chili in spicy sauce                   

35.Peter’s 红鱼 Peter Chang’s Volcanic Fish                                                                                  $24

Whole fish deep fried, served with spicy bean sauce

36.小锅豆腐鱼丸Tofu flounder fish ball in hotpot                                                                           $18

Fish and tofu ball with mixed vegetable in clear broth

37.蒜椒大虾或牛或鸡Jumbo shrimp/beef/chicken with pepper and garlic                                $19/17/15

Shrimp/beef/chicken stir fried with garlic, leeks, asparagus, and snowpeas with dry pepper

38. 麻辣一锅端 Hot and numbing combination in Hotpot                                                             $19

Combination of seafood, chicken, and beef in hot numbing Sichuan sauce  

39. 三椒铁板鸡// Three peppers with chicken/beef/shrimp on hot iron plate                    $15/17/19

Chicken/beef/shrimp stir fried with onion, basil and mixed chili peppers served on hot iron plate

40. 九层塔鸡///什锦 Basil chicken/beef/shrimp/combination                                               $15/17/19/19

Stir fried chicken/beef with jalapeno, leeks, and fresh basil leaves

41. 川椒焗鸡柳 Pan fried sliced chicken/beef with Sichuan chili                                                  $15/17

Pan fried sliced chicken/ beefwith Sichuan mixed chili pepper, and scallion

42. 木耳雪豆芦笋鸡//Chicken/beef/shrimp with wood ear mushroom&snowpeas           $15/17/19

Stir fried chicken/beef/shrimp with wood ear mushroom, snow peas and asparagus in white sauce

43. 金山鸡/ Golden mountain chicken/beef (original/spicy)                                                     $15/17

Shredded,breaded and deep fried chicken/beef with sweet sour sauce topped with sesame seeds

44. 铁板三文鱼Pan fried salmon on hot iron plate                                                                         $22

    Pan fried sliced salmon with Sichuan chili sauce or cumin sauce


外婆的味道Grandmother Homestyle Cooking

45.关公红袍鸡// Guangong Chicken/beef/shrimp                                                                   $15/17/19

Stir fried chicken/beef/shrimp with dry chili pepper in Sichuan chili oil

46.外婆粉蒸肉 Pan fried steamed pork belly                                                                                    $18

Pan fried sliced steamed pork belly with scallion, cilantro dry chili pepper

47.鼓椒小炒鱼//猪肉/牛肉 Spicy Hunan Fish/chicken/pork/beef                                              $17/15/15/17

Stir fried fish/chicken/pork/beef with spicy black bean sauce

50.宫保鸡//虾鲜贝 Sichuan Kungpao Chicken/beef/shrimp&scallop                                       $15/17/21

Chicken/beef/shrimp&scallop stir fried in spicy kungpao sauce

51.葱爆铁板鸭// Shredded duck/beef/shrimp with scallion&onion on hot iron plate        $20/15/17/19

Shredded duck/beef/shrimp with scallion&onion with sweet teriyaki served on hot iron plate

52.葱辣干锅鸡///什锦Chicken/beef/shrimp/combination with onion&chili pepper           $15/17/19/19

Chicken/beef/shrimp/combination stir fried with chili pepper, onion, cumin, cilantro on hotplate

53.外婆糖醋肉/// Grandma sweet&sour pork/chicken/beef/shrimp                                $15/15/17/19

Choice of pork/chicken/beef/shrimp cooked in grandma special sweet&sour sauce

54.麻辣素菜香锅 Sichuan style hotpot vegetarian                                                                        $13           

Vegetable Sichuan style hotpot, add chicken or pork for $4, add beef or shrimp for $5



55.樟茶鸭 Tea Smoked duck with deep fried onion                                                                      $20                      

Half duck marinated and smoked, served with spiced fried onion

56.三丝熏鸭 Stir fried shredded smoked duck                                                                               $20

Stir fried shredded smoked duck with Sichuan chili powder,celery, red bell peppers, green peppers, & onions

57.三峡鸡条 Three Gorges Chicken                                                                                                 $15

Sliced chicken stir fried with asparagus, scallion, and dry chili pepper

米饭,面条 Rice&Noodle

58.炒饭Fried Rice Choice of Chicken, vegetable, beef,pork,shrimp or combination                  $11

Fried rice with vegetable/chicken/beef/shrimp or combination

59.捞面Lomein                                                                                                                                       $11

Stir fried egg noodle with choice of shrimp/beef/chicken/vegetable/ combination

60.米饭 Steamed rice/Fried rice/ Brown rice                                                                                     $1/1/2

猪肉,牛肉 Pork & Beef

61. 三城小炒蹄 Shan city pig’s feet                                                                                                     $18

Pig’s feet, stir fried with onion, cilantro, dry chili pepper, sesame seeds and Szechuan chili powder

62.砂锅南乳焖蹄 Pig feet with fermented tofu in clay pot                                                               $18

Stewed pig’s feet with fermented tofu, bay leaves, leeks, lotus roots and sesame oil

63. 麻辣牛腩锅 Hot&numbing beef brisket in hotpot                                                                       $17

Beef brisket stewed with tofu skin, leeks, in hot numbing sauce

64. 酱汁牛柳 Sliced beef /chicken with Peter Chang’s special sauce                                            $17/15

Stir fried chicken/beef in special sauce served with Chinese bok choy


65. 酱椒海鲜煲 Braised seafood with spicy bean sauce in clay pot                                                $20

Braised seafood, with garlic, and mixed mushroom in spicy red sauce

66. 砂锅香辣豆腐鱼Hot &numbing flounder with tofu in clay pot                                                     $19

    Fillet of flounder stewed in Szeichuan numbing sauce with tofu, wood ear and leeks

67. 松籽全鱼 Boneless whole fish with pine nuts                                                                                $18

Boneless whole tilapia deep fried and served with red sweet sour sauce with pine nuts

68. 剁椒茄子鱼片Flounder and eggplant with pickled peppers                                                        $18   

Fillet of flounder with eggplants steamed in special spicy pickled chili

蔬菜,豆腐 Vegetable and tofu

69. 麻婆豆腐 Mapo tofu                                                                                                                           $11

Beancurd cooked with spicy bean sauce

70.贵妃素馅豆腐Pan fried tofu with vegetable                                                                                    $14

Pan fried tofu stuffed with veggie and minced mushroom, topped with soy sauce gravy and broccoli           

71.鲜腐皮炒大白菜Stir Fried tofu skin with Napa cabbage/bok choy                                              $13

Stir fried fresh tofu skin with Napa cabbage or bokchoy in white sauce

72.干锅什锦鲜菇Mixed mushroom in  hot pot                                                                                     $15

Mixed mushroom, diced garlic, red bell pepper, jalapeno and onion in spicy sauce

73.芹菜香干笋尖Stir fried smoked tofu, celery and bamboo shoot                                                  $12

Stir fried smoked tofu with Chinese celery and bamboo shoot in soy sauce add meat for $3

74. 九层塔茄子煲 Basil Eggplant in Clay pot                                                                                        $12

Eggplant with basil sauce in clay pot, add meat for $3

75. 清炒各式时蔬 Stir fried seasonal vegetable (spinach/Chinese broccoli)                                    $14

Stir fried spinach or Chinese broccoli with minced garlic.


Lunch Special

Lunch Special


Include spring rolls & soup (choice of egg drop, hot&sour, and wonton soup).

Chicken/Pork/Vegetable $9, Beef/fish $10, Shrimp $11


1.      川式回锅肉(或鸡或牛)Sichuan double cooked pork belly/chicken/beef


2.      鱼香肉丝(或鸡或牛或虾或茄子)Pork/chicken/beef/shrimp/eggplant in garlic sauce


3.      香菜椒炒虾(或鸡或牛)Chicken/beef/shrimp with green pepper and cilantro


4.      石锅飘香虾(或鸡或牛)Chicken/beef/shrimp and potato in stone pot


5.      木耳雪豆虾(或鸡或牛)Chicken/beef/shrimp with wood ear mushroom and snowpeas


6.      湖南小炒鱼(或鸡或牛或虾)Hunan Chicken/beef/shrimp/fish


7.      蚝汁鱼片煲(或鸡或牛)Chicken/beef/fish fillet with oyster sauce in clay pot


8.      四川麻辣鸡煲(或牛或鱼)Chicken/beef/fish in Sichuan hot&numbing sauce


9.      什锦蘑菇鸡(或牛或虾)Chicken/beef/shrimp with mixed mushrooms


10.  葱辣牛(或鸡或虾)Chicken/beef/shrimp with onion&chili peppers


11.  葱爆铁板牛(或鸡或虾)Chicken/beef/shrimp with scallion&onion on hot iron plate


12.  姜葱铁板牛(或鸡或猪肉)Chicken/pork/beef with ginger&scallion on hot iron plate


13.  九层塔茄子煲Chicken/beef/pork with eggplant in basil sauce


14.  宫爆鸡(或虾或豆腐)Kungpao Chicken/beef/tofu/shrimp


15.  左宗鸡,芝麻鸡,陈皮鸡General Tso/Sesame/Orange Chicken


16.  清炒时蔬Stir fried mixed vegetable

Special Menu

Special Menu

1.姜葱青口                                                                                                           $15

Ginger Mussels (mild)

2 石锅山椒鱼                                                                                                 $18

Spicy stone pot fish

3. 椒麻鲜菇                                                                                                        $10

Dry fried mushroom

4. 孜香炒烤羊                                                                                                    $20

Cumin Roast Lamb

5.外婆小炒肉/                                                                                               $15/17

Grandma stir fried pork/beef

6. 重庆泼辣鱼/水煮鱼/水煮牛                                                                        $18/18/17

Chongqing braised fish/Braised fish (or beef) in Sichuan Sauce

7. 铁板黑椒牛柳                                                                                               $17

Sliced beef with black pepper

8. 干煸四季豆/中国芥兰/菠菜                                                                        $12           

Dry Fried Green Bean/Stir fried Chinese broccoli/stir fried spinach

9. 鱼香茄子                                                                                                      $12

Eggplant with garlic sauce

10. 芝麻鸡()/左宗鸡(虾)/陈皮鸡(虾)                                                $15/18

Sesame Chicken/General Tso Chicken/Orange Chicken (Shrimp 18)

11.芥兰鸡/芥兰牛                                                                                             $15/17

Chicken broccoli/Beefbroccoli                                                                                                                                        


Dining rooms

Dining rooms


Open Mon – Sun, 11am – 10pm

Lunch Special: Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm


Open Mon – Sun, 11am – 10pm

Lunch Special: Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm



2162 Barracks Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22903


Facebook: Peter Chang Charlottesville

Fax: 434-244-9989


About Us

About Us

Peter Chang Charlottesville was Peter’s first restaurant before he started his restaurant empire under his flag. Right now, he has 8 through all East Coast and more to come. Just like a first born, Charlottesville location has a special connection to Peter and his followers. Every other months a group of foodies who proudly named themselves as a “Chang gang” come to the restaurant and order Peter’s signature dish: Dry fried eggplant, Bamboo flounder fish and Tea smoked duck. Local foodies have voted Charlottesville location as the best Chinese restaurant in town. Apart from his fame name and his busy schedule opening restaurants, Peter himself also has done charity events and auctioned his food for donations.

At Peter Chang Charlottesville, we believe in equal opportunity. Our staffs come from different background and nationalities but we share the same passion about food. With a newly renovated building Peter Chang China Grill Charlottesville has nothing but ready to serve Charlottesville foodies with his authentic homestyle cooking.